People live to love

There was a man named Sima. He was a shoe maker. He was very poor. One day Sima went home from work. As he was passing by the church, he spotted something white. When he came close enough he saw it was a naked man. Sima got scared and started to walk faster. As he noticed that the man was looking at him, he even started running.

Then Sima stopped and said to himself: "You should not run away from the man who is in trouble".

So he returned to the man and asked him what he was doing there naked.

The naked man said: "God has punished me".

Then Sima took off his coat and mantled him. Then Sima asked the man to have lunch togeter at Sima's home.

As Sima's wife saw a guest who was supposed to eat with them, she got very annoyed. She said that they didn't have enough food to feed any guests. Yet, she had pity upon him. The man looked at her and smiled for the first time.

His name was Michael, as he said to Sima and his wife. Since he didn't have anywhere to go, Sima suggested him to stay with them and work with him.

Michael accepted the offer. He mastered the trade of shoemaking in three days. Sima got famous for his hard working apprentice. Michael barely spoke and never smiled.

One day, a rich man came into Sima`s workshop and ordered a pair of boots. The boots should be done in a way so that the man could wear them for a year. If not, he would put Sima in prison.

Sima got scared and asked Michael what to do. Michael took a look at the man, smiled and said to Sima to accept the offer.

Next day, as Sima came to work, he saw that Michael had already made a pair of boots, but for a dead man. Sima was confused and asked him why he did so. At that moment, a servant of the rich man came and said his master died yesterday, at his way home from Sima`s workshop. Then Michael gave the pair of boots to the servant.

A woman came into the workshop a year after. Two girls accompanied her. She wanted to order shoes for them.

Sima found out form the conversation with her that those girls were not her daughters, but adopted daughters. Their mother died at child birth. When Michael saw all the love the woman showed to her adopted daughters, he smiled for the third time.

When she left, Michael took off his robe and said to Sima: "My mission here is completed. I have to go now.".

Sima said to him: "Before you leave, please tell me why you smiled only a few times.".

Then Michael said to Sima: "I am an angel of God. God sent me to take soul of a woman in labor. When I came to do so, she was crying bitterly, asking me to not take her life. She was a single mother and her children would stay orphans. I felt pity on her. I went back to God without my task completed. He said to me that I was disobedient.".

He said to me: "You will live as a man until you understand what is the purpose of life." Then He sent me again to get her the soul. As I was taking her soul to Him, wind started to blow and I lost my wings. I fell down on Earth.

Then you came. I saw death in your eyes while you were running away from me. When you came to help me, I smiled for the first time, for I saw love in your eyes.

I smiled for the second time when your wife felt pity on me. When the rich man came to order the pair of boots, I saw an angel of death behind his back. I smiled then, for I knew people should not make plans on their own.

The last time I smiled when I saw how those adopted daughters are loved. Then I realized that people live to love. Those who cannot love are dead already.



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