Mother of God: Syria great miracle

In December 2004, a Saudi-Arabian, a Muslim, appeared before several news agencies to narrate the following incredible event he experienced that changed his life (this story was broadcast on TV and radio stations, on the Internet, and spread in all media around the world the whole of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Palestine, and certainly in all neighboring countries).

A few years ago, this man married a very rich Muslim woman, but she was barren. As the years passed, and despite all their efforts and the great expense of treatment, they remained childless. His parents advised him to marry another woman (since local law allows up to 4 marriages).

Although tired of everything, worried, and broken, he does not accept his parents' advice, but with his wife, travels to Syria for a vacation. There, they rent a car with a driver who also serves as a guide to the places they plan to visit.

As the vacation progressed, the driver noticed that the Saudi-Arabian couple was full of bitterness, suffering and grief. Approaching them, he timidly asked them why they looked so dejected; if not because they are dissatisfied with his service?

The couple confided in the driver that the reason for their accident was that they could not have children. Then the driver, who was also a Muslim, told them that in Syria Orthodox Christians have a monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos, and many people who do not have children find refuge with Her miraculous icon.

They go to the monastery and get oil from the lamp that burns in front of the miraculous icon. And then "Mary" gives Christians what they want according to their faith. Visibly excited, the Saudi-Arabian and his wife asked the driver to take them to the monastery of "Our Lady of Christians" in Seidnaj and promised: "If we have a child, then I will come back here and give you 20.000 dollars and 80.000 to the monastery."

They went to the monastery and did as they were instructed.

Later, they returned to their homeland and after some time the woman became pregnant. After a certain time, she gave birth to a beautiful boy. It is a true miracle of our Lady the Mother of God!

Soon after his wife gives birth, the Saudi Arabian returns to Syria to fulfill the promise he made. Upon his arrival, he called the same driver and asked them to meet at Damascus airport. But the driver, cunning and corrupt, convinced his two friends to go with him to the airport, wait for a rich Saudi Arabian, take his money and kill him.

While they were driving him, not knowing that they were planning to kill him, he promised the driver's friends that he would give them 10.000 dollars each. Dissatisfied with this, they turn off the road leading to the monastery, go to a deserted place and kill the Saudi-Arab, cutting off his head and dismembering other parts of his body (arms, legs).

Blinded by passion and overcome by the horrific act they have just committed, they place his remains in the trunk of their car, afraid to leave them there. After taking his money, watch and everything he had, they look for another, even more desolate place to dump the body.

On the main road, in the middle of the road, their car stops. Three men get out to determine why the engine stopped. A passer-by stops to help them, but they, afraid that their terrible act will not be discovered, pretend that they do not need any help. A passer-by notices blood dripping from the back of the car while leaving and calls the police to intervene because the whole scene, with these three men, seemed suspicious to him.

The police come and seeing the blood under the car, and on the road, they order the trunk to be opened. When they opened the trunk, lo and behold, a Saudi Arabian came out, more than apparently and miraculously alive, in full force, and said to them: "Just now, the Blessed One has finished sewing up my neck, here on the right (showing them the area of his Adam's apple), as she previously sewed up my other body parts".

Seeing this, the three criminals immediately lost their minds - going crazy. The policemen took them into custody, and the criminals started raving that it was not possible for the Saudi Arabian whom they killed and cut off his head to be alive.

The Saudi-Arabian came to the clinic to be examined by doctors who confirmed and testified that the stitches that were made were very perfect and new, so that confirmed the miracle of the event. The Saudi-Arabian came to the clinic to be examined by doctors who confirmed and testified that the stitches that were made were very perfect and new, so that confirmed the miracle of the event. The stitches were, and still are, visible!

When the Saudi Arabian got out of the trunk he saw, literally, himself reassembled, which he constantly claims and confesses - that the HOLY GOD restored his body and resurrected him with the help of Her Son.

Immediately after this, he called his relatives to come to Syria and they went together to the monastery of the Most Holy Virgin of Saydan and offered prayers, praises and glorifications, and instead of 80.000 dollars, he gave 800,000 dollars to the Most Holy Virgin.

Today, when this man tells the details of this tremendous miracle, he begins by saying, "When I was a Muslim this happened..." indicating that he is no longer a Muslim, nor is anyone in his family. AND WOE TO THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN THIS STORY!



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