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Иконија-плус на ћирилици
Ikonija-plus na latinici
Ikonia-plus in English
                          Ikonia plus Novi SadSerbia, telephone: +381 65 990 79 97, e-mail:

Icons workshop
Ikonia plus

Ikonia plus is workshops of old crafts.

Icon workshop Ikonia plus is founded by Dragana Kandic, an icon-writer, in Novi Sad, on 25 June, 2006.
Dragana Kanic completed School of Icon painting „Saint John of Shanghai“ in Novi Sad in 2003.

An year later she started painting icons. As she got blessing, she founded the workshop.

She paints icons on boards which are made of linden or walnut tree and specially treated. The egg tempera medium is used.
Icons are in accordance with the canons, and in Byzantine style.

Backing is done bu the technique of gilding. Dragana Kandic uses 24 kt gold-leaves. An orderer is free to choose the colour of the backing.
Frames for the icons are available as carved or plain.

The workshop is located in Novi Sad, and if you liked what you see on the site, you can order icons if dial cell phone number +381 65 990 79 97
or contact e-mail address:

Dragana Kandic,
Novi Sad, 2009.

                                              © Ikonia-plus Novi Sad, 2009.

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