Archangel Michael saves sinners’ souls

The following was spoken by Avva Timothy, Patriarch of Alexandria, worthy of all praise, on Commemoration of a wonder done by Archangel Michael, on 6 September.

"Peace be to all, dear brothers and sisters in faith." Listen to what happened to me when I went to pay my respect and submissiveness to the Life Creating Cross and the Tomb of Lord Jesus Christ, and all the places He once visited. I came into the house of Saint Proctor, the beloved disciple of Saint John the Theologian and Apostle. After I searched a lot for a book Saint Proctor wrote, I finally found it.

"Once I went with an angel of God”, said Saint John. “As we were walking, he was revealing heavenly mysteries about people to me. Then, I heard a huge noise, similar to the noise water makes when falling from high above. When we approached closer, we saw an immense lake and a cauldron full of unrepentant sinners.

I asked the angel: "The cauldron is so deep, why is that for?" Then I saw boiling lava heaving three hundred meters high and great smoke. Some kind of worms crawled over the sinners` bodies in the profound lake.

Then the angel answered: “Avva John, dear friend of the humans, what you are looking at now is torment more painful than any other. This lake is bottomless; the whole world can be put in it. Worms and snakes you see bite sinners and stop them from going deeper within a period of three hundred days. Then, sinners cannot rise above. Snakes and worms stop them by means of a pile the sinners are tied up against.

Saint John cried bitterly when he saw agony of the sinners. The angel said to him: ”Don’t cry avva John, you will see great joy soon, due to Archangel Michael. Lord’s love toward him is great indeed.

Then I saw him, Archangel Michael, in heavens` beauty. He was in an arch full of the Cherubim and the Seraphim, with myriad of other Angels, Prophets, and Martyrs. The arch approached the lake.

That very moment lava stopped heaving and withdrew, animals stooped. Then Archangel Michael put his right wing deep into water and saved from abyss a lot of the sinners. He did it again, this time he saved even more people. Then, the Cherubim and the Seraphim started begging him humbly to save more of the poor people. Archangel Michael prayed to God, and save myriad of the sinners again. The Angels and the Saints then washed their souls in water of grace and everlasting life was granted to them.

Then, the Voice said: “Intercessions of Archangel Michael and my Most-holy Mother, and of all the Angels, who fulfilled the will of my Father, led the souls of the saved into the heaven of blessing, eternity and peace. Avva John admired Archangel Michael for his efforts about human souls.

The angel told to Avva John: ”Miracle you have just seen happens annually on 6 (19) September, when honor is paid to Archangel Michael. Almighty God made him an arch-chieftain of heavenly warriors, after he won great battle against the forces of the evil. When Christ is crucified, Archangel Michael was so sad and in grief that the sky and the sun could not stand his sorrow, so they got darken.

When Christ our Savior rose from the sepulchre, Archangel Michael rolled back the stone from the door and said unto Mary Magdalene and the other Mary that He is risen. Almighty Father granted Archangel Michael with immense power so that he can save those who suffer.

The miracle on 6 September will happen till the end of the world. Archangel Michael will always heartily venerate and exclaim glory unto the Lord. Also he will intercede with Christ God that He may save our souls. The raiment of Archangel Michael is made of kindness and mercy, so that everyone knows Lord is merciful and Provider of every good.

Blessed are the efforts of those who wrote this book, those who read it, who donate holy church with this story or a burnt-offering. Blessed are who feed the poor. Blessed are who do any good work in honor of Archangel Michael.

Almighty Father will not forget it. He will listen to the prayers, pardon sins and transgressions and accept the sinner as children of life eternal.



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